Our Companies

Retail & Wholesale Imports (1995)

The company started in 1995 selling variety items to other local businesses and individual customers in Dominica but quickly expanded to more than 7 Caribbean islands – both retail & wholesale.

The vision for the company – To foster entrepreneurship and provide quality products direct from manufacturers, therefore eliminating the risks involved for small businesses and individuals.

Since then it has paved the way for other sister companies to be established and form what we know today as the FCMC Group of Companies.

E-Style (2003)

Established in Trinidad in 2003. E-Style has been a hallmark procurement center for many small businesses and entrepreneurs. They specialize in wholesale variety items and merchandise. Their vision is to supply a wide array of products at the lowest possible prices.

They have encouraged many small business startups in Trinidad and Tobago and take pride in providing a high level of service to all.

Real Estate Development Antigua & Barbuda (2014)

Established in 2014 in collaboration with the CIU (Citizen by Investment Unit), our efforts are focused on an ongoing project to provide residential housing development in the Caribbean island of Antigua and Barbuda. With recent new technological advancements we are proud to offer groundbreaking high quality modern materials to build the next generation of residential homes. Our aim is to expand this service to the other Caribbean islands in the near future.

Jade Cafe (2019)

Established in 2019 Jade Cafe takes coffee to the next level. Serving coffee, a variety of teas, delicacies and treats, Jade Cafe has been putting smiles on faces since its inception. The cafe takes pride in carrying the Jamaican Blue Mountain brand of coffee. Made from freshly grounded high grade coffee beans and served with a smile, Jade Cafe birthed it’s slogan – “Love in every sip!”


Our membership shopping center opened it’s doors to the world in 2019. It boasts a secure and spacious environment which comprises our showroom and warehouse in Trincity, Trinidad & Tobago.

Our variety items are displayed in a spacious environment where customers can see, touch and explore details about every product. It offers both retail and wholesale prices across all item categories.


Our membership shopping center features a full-blown office furniture showroom. Members are welcome to sit and experience several office settings laid out by our experts and be inspired by different office designs and themes.

Our office furniture department also accommodate site visits where our experts recommend the latest designs and layouts for space optimization tailored to specific client needs.


“The Caribbean Marketplace”

Waymart is a subsidiary of First Caribbean Marketing Company Limited (FCMC). It is one of the first and largest online wholesale marketplace at the forefront of e-commerce in the Caribbean. Established in 2021, Waymart is dedicated to supplying its consumers with the widest array of products of the highest quality at the best prices.

Our innovative e-commerce platform features both retail and wholesale, as a result we are pleased to offer – Cross Border Trade.

Pan Caribbean Logistic Center (2021)

FCMC group is planning to launch it’s first international logistics and distribution center very soon at the upcoming eTeck Industrial Estate Phoenix Park in Point Lisas, Trinidad. With the future ahead of us, this center will help in solidifying our E-commerce goals as a Caribbean Marketplace. Due to it’s location the center will function as a bonded warehouse and the hub for package delivery, sorting and distribution for collection both domestically and regionally.

Trade Exhibition Center (2019)

Our trade exhibition center was launched in 2019. It promotes local manufactured products from Trinidad & Tobago to other countries across the world, with the goal of encouraging business through export.

The center will soon expand to a full-blown exhibition area at the Pan Caribbean Logistic Center where local and international manufactures can showcase their products.